Add An Alert

Add Item

The Add Item Module contains all of the create functionality for every Object in the portal. Always start by finding the object you wish to add from the list of items in the Add Item Module (+ Sign). To add an Alert, select Add Alert from the list.

Create From Geofence

In Addition to the Add Item Module, users can initiate the Add Alert form from a Geofence’s Quick Actions or Geofence Options tab. When the Add Alert form opens this way, it will have a pre-populated filter set to Inside Fence - (Name of the Fence used to create it).

Create From Manage

The Manage Module is where users can go to view a list of their existing Alerts and interact with them. There is also a button at the top of the interface to open the Add Alert form to create a new Alert.

Alert Types

Alert triggering conditions are all events that occur with Assets in the Portal. Many of them are triggered manually by the Asset operator (by pressing a button, sending a message, or performing some other action), and others are triggered by the portal recognizing certain parameters about a regular position reporting event. The latter type of events occur regularly, and are typically tied to other features and objects like Places, Geofences, Chats, and Messages. The drop-down menu of Alert Types allows users to select the type of event they wish to use to trigger the Alert.

For more detailed information about Alert Types, please view the article in the Objects section of the Wiki for Alerts.


  1. Initiate the Add Alert form from either the Add Item Module, a Geofence, or the Manage Module.
  2. Select the Alert Type from the drop down menu.
  3. Complete any optional fields in the Alert Type section (Name, Description, Resolution Procedure, Photo)
  4. Apply Rules

    Alert Applies To: limit by inclusion, select whether all or some Assets and Groups will be triggering Assets for the Alert

    Exclude from Alert: limit by exclusion, select specific Assets or Groups that cannot be triggering Assets for the Alert

    Filters: apply additional rules to narrow the triggering events of the Alert * Fence: this filter will be populated if the user initiated the form from a Geofence quick actions menu

    Cooldown Period: time between two alerts of the same kind being triggered for the same asset.

  5. Set Acknowledgements

    Yes: If you elect to have acknowledgements for the Alert, users will have to take the necessary action in the portal to make the notification go away.

    Priority: lower numbers are higher priority. These Alerts will display at the top of any lists.

    Rename Acknowledge Buttons: default is Acknowledge and Alternative Ack., but users can set to anything (like, for example, Requires further Attention and Resolved) These acknowledgements will be recorded, so knowing which one can be like applying notes to the resolution process.

  6. Set external notifications Boxes with a green check in them are the contacts that will receive the corresponding message when the Alert triggers. Users can also choose whether to continue sending these messages until the Alert has been acknowledged (only if Acknowledgements have been toggled on), and whether or not to hide the Alert notices on the Live Mode and History Mode.