Fuel Management






Skywave Supported

Manufacturer Model Measurement Interface Link
Omnicomm LLS 20160 Capacitive RS-485 http://omnicomm-online.com/products/sensors/lls-20160-fuel-level-sensor.php
Omnicomm AF 20310 Capacitive Analog http://omnicomm-online.com/products/sensors/lls-af-20310-fuel-level-sensor.php
Omnicomm LLS 20230 Capacitive RS-485 http://omnicomm-online.com/products/sensors/lls-20230-fuel-level-sensor.php
Technoton DUT-E 485 Capacitive RS-485 https://www.jv-technoton.com/
SSI Acu-Trac Smart 485 Ultrasound RS-485 http://www.ssi-sensors.com/
Chelk/Sapsan Control Strela D485 Capacitive RS-485 http://skontrol.ru/strela_d232_d485/

Many of these sensors are available with RS-232 or RS-485 options. RS-485 is preferred because you can chain multiple fuel sensors and support for longer wires. Also it keeps the RS-232 port free which is a convenience for Lua code changes and debug. You can use the RS-232 port if that’s desirable. For new sensor installations, analog interfaces should be avoided as the measurement quality is not going to be as good; and you can’t read the fuel tank temperature at the same time.

Coming shortly:

Manufacturer Model Measurement Interface Link
IGLA TBD – fuel and water level sensor Capacitive RS-485 http://www.igla.info/products/Datchik-urovnya-DU-M5 (Russian only)
Epsilon TBD Capacitive RS-485 http://fuel-level.com/index.php/en/products

There are also fuel level monitoring options via OBD-II interfaces and the J1939 Agent. Either one may be a viable option depending on the vehicle.

Axle Load Sensors

Manufacturer Model Interface Link
Vishay Precision Group TruckWeigh RS-232 http://www.vishaypg.com/docs/28001/trckwgh.pdf
Technoton DP-01 Analog http://www.jv-technoton.com/axle_load_sensor